New build

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Working in accordance with CDM regulations we carry out all industrial roofing sheeting, cladding and composite panelling services.

Taking a typical portal steel frame building usually working to architects drawings we would proceed to fit composite panels and or double skin built up sheeting/cladding system consisting of white faced liner panel, spacer bar system and glass fibre insulation sandwiched between outer plastic coated top sheet using all necessary mastics and foam closures.

Sheet/flashing colours, thicknesses and insulation thicknesses would all be to architects specifications’ although we can supply all materials’ to meet current regulations.


Upon the decision your existing failing roof covering is past economical repair whether it be slate, stone, metal sheeting, asbestos cement sheeting, felt, asphalt etc you have two main options over-sheet or strip re-sheet.


Oversetting 1 Oversetting 2 oversetting 3

Your existing roof stays in situ and a new spacer bar system is secured to it to fix new plastic coated metal roofing sheets to (20year typical life expectancy) with glass fibre insulation sandwiched between where chosen.

Benefits of over-sheeting

  • Your building can stay open as existing roof is still in place

  • You don’t lose trade/revenue

  • Increased natural daylight due to installation of new roof lights

  • Improved visual appearance of your business

  • Improved thermal properties where insulation option is taken

  • Reduced costs due to less materials labour and no disposal of existing roof covering.

Strip re-sheet

Strip Re-Sheet 1 Strip Re-Sheet 3 Strip Re-Sheet 2

Is common for customers wanting to remove asbestos cement from their buildings and other roof coverings.

We would strip your roof covering and re-roof with commonly double skin built up roof system consisting of inner white faced liner, spacer bar system and glass fibre insulation sandwiched between outer plastic coated top sheet (20year typical life expectancy). We can also fit composite panels on request.

Benefits of strip re-sheet

  • Asbestos safely removed and disposed of with registered company, relevant paper work obtained

  • Improved visual appearance both internally and externally of your business

  • Vast improvement of natural daylight due to new roof lights + the reflective properties of white faced liner panels

  • Increased thermal properties due to insulation sandwiched between inner and outer roof sheets.

  • We can strip roofs in sections where necessary if building is in use and recover as we go to keep your building closed-in and keep around 90% watertight.


Overclad/Facelift 1 Overclad/Facelift 3 Overclad/Facelift 2

We carry out all industrial cladding services using various profiles and composite panels.

The existing cladding/walls remain in situ and a new spacer bar/batten is secured to it to fix new cladding to. Glass fibre can be sandwiched between on request.

Benefits of Overclad

  • Your building can stay open as wall are still in situ

  • You don’t lose trade/revenue

  • Vast visual improvement of your building

  • Stops damp/draughts

  • Increased thermal properties where insulation option is taken

Flat to pitch

Flat to pitch 1 Flat to pitch 2 Flat to pitch 3

Flat roof with ponding water can be very troublesome. A shallow pitched roofing system can be the solution typically a light weight galv structure erected on site to support and fix new plastic coated metal roof sheets to (20year typical life expectancy). Thus efficiently flushing water away.

Cold rolled building kits

Cold rolled building kits 1 Cold rolled building kits 3 Cold rolled building kits 2

We erect all cold rolled building kits we can even order you one.

Looking to build a new small unit/building this could be for you various companies are doing these kits such as “bespoke steel buildings”.

The main benefits are the entire structure is made of light-weight cold rolled galv and can be man handled into position with no need for cranes or heavy lifting equipment at all cutting costs and build times dramatically.

These buildings are typically 40% cheaper than conventional portal steel framed buildings.

Benefits of cold rolled builds

  • Up to 40% savings

  • Fast build times can be constructed in less than 14 days

  • Can be classed as temporary to help with planning applications

  • Can span an impressive 20metres


Repairs/Alterations 1 Repairs/Alterations 3 Repairs/Alterations 2

Flashings blown off/rooflights clouded up/ need a door/window cutting out of a cladded wall, leaking problems all issues we can help you with.


Gutters 1 Gutters 3 Gutters 2

We install all industrial gutters.

Leaking blocked or flooding gutters particularly valley gutters can be very troublesome we offer a wide range of industrial guttering services.

Gutter renewal

Typically removing your old gutter and replacing with a similar or larger volume galvanised steel gutter with all necessary pipework/plumbing

Gutter lining

Gutter lining 1 Gutter lining 3 Gutter lining 2

To reduce costs and disruption we can reline your existing gutter with a similar or larger volume galvanised gutter with minor alterations to you roof covering.

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning  1 Gutter cleaning  3 Gutter cleaning  2

Gutter maintenance is vital to ensure against premature erosion/failure/flooding keeping gutters clean and clear of debris will help this and gutters should be cleaned at least each season of the year/4 times a year which we can do.